I was given the Native spiritual name of Sheilha Spiritwalker.
I have been working with Native guides since I was a child, having a natural ability to talk to all animals
I connect through the source of the animal, which I have done naturally since childhood. It was normal for me to have 10 cats follow me home, even chickens and we were in the city!
I connect to the living pet through their energy field, allowing them to tell me their story, and what is going on with them so I can help them heal thus helping their owner. I can also talk to an animal in the Spirit World. I can work with you over the Internet or by a personal appointment.

My work has since taken me to many countries including: Israel, the United States, Spain and different parts of England, from which I hail.

I came to Canada to support a friend who was involved in a hit and run car accident. She was in a coma, not expected to survive and I was able to communicate with her spirit frequently. I gave her reiki treatments and to the amazement of the doctors she came out of the coma 10 days later. Subsequently, I have worked with other victims of head trauma.

I travelled from London (UK) to London (Ontario) to support my friend and ultimately made it my home. I am now reaching many more people through audience channelling about how to work with one's own individual energy. All my work is prayer based. Clear intention from the source is all that is. Ask for help each day from the true source, which is you. From your Angels, guides, relatives, they come through with loving guidance for you own individual path in life.

Liquid light to you, I am here to serve.

"Sheilha has been an Intuitive Mediumistic Guide since early childhood and has traveled the globe offering her guidance and healing to humans and animals alike."

"Sheila channels source energy, through angels and guides, to bring people's lives into alignment. There is a universal light within us all and Sheilha helps people to find their own, through the art of allowing."

Here is a youtube video of the presentation, "The Art Of Allowing".