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Trembley's Antiques
(established 1967)
3510 Colonel Talbot Road
London, Ontario, Canada N6B 1H5
(519) 652-3035

Fine Quality Antiques - Glassware - Stained Glass - Primitives - Porcelain - Fine China - Silverware - Flatware - Antique Telephones - Antique Tools - Architectural Iron Work - Vintage Clothing and Fabrics - Books - Lamps - Furniture - Collectibles - and much much much more . . .
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Featured Items
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We are also featuring our collection of Antique Cameras and Projectors.

Recently we have acquired a good sized collection of Antique Still and Movie Cameras and Projectors. All are in fine working order and may be seen during regular business hours.

Item 1       Lighting - Oil Lamps,
Miniature lamp bases,

The one on the right is cosmos pattern. This pattern was manufacture by several glass factories-one being the Burlington glass factory. The other is a sun flower design. These were usually used for night lights. The height of the bases is approximately 3ins or 7.5cms.

There are many many more Antique Oil Lamps on display.

Item 2       Porcelain and lampware

Crown Staffordshire bird. It is signed by the designer and modeller: J.T.Jones. The wing spans 10" and it stands 7.5" tall. A beautiful and graceful piece.

There are many many more Porcelain Items on display. We also have a fair sized collection of lamps.

Item 3       Furniture:

Rosewood sideboard. A very impressive piece, hand carved about 1875 Beautiful hand carving on the drawers and lower mirror rail. All original with big bevelled mirror. Width is 5 feet, height is 6 feet 2.5 ins., and depth is 21.75ins. .

Item 4       Telephones:

This month we are featuring a good sized collection of antique telephones. Remember when we only had one telephone and it only came in on colour "Black". if the phone rang with 2 long rings and one short it was for your neighbour. Remember if no one answered you simply called back?

Item 5       Furniture:

Set of four captain's chairs in good condition. Constructed 1900-1920 of light coloured woods. Original finish of yellow paint. Price for set is $250.00

There are many many more chairs and furniture pieces on display.

Item 6       Furniture

Oak commode with harp back (for towel originally) full width drawer, two half width drawers and a door. Original hardware, castors and finish. It is 32ins wide-made 1900-1920

Item 7       Stained Glass:

Stained glass window: Victorian style from a home in Middlesex County. It is in the original pine frame which has been refinished. The glass insert is fan shaped in a rising sun pattern, in colours of amber, pale green, mauve and green. The clear portion is pressed glass in thistle pattern. The overall size is 24.5ins. (61.5cm) by 47.5ins. (121.25cm) Fully restored. manufactured 1885-1895.

Item 8       Collectables:
Unique Items

We have hundreds of unique and valuable items. There are many other collectables on display.

Item 9       Furniture:

Muskoka bench from the Lake Simcoe area. All pine construction-handmade. 6 feet long. Great for outdoors.

Item 10       Clothing and Fabrics:

Late Victorian outfit in black silk. The bodice front is accented with narrow tucks. It is in very good condition. price $35.00. The full length skirt has lace trim around the hem. It has some wear in upper 4" which could be restored with little effort.

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